What Our Design Clients Are Saying

"That (design plan) looks great Lisa!!  I appreciate all the hard work you have done and I hope they are happy.  Thanks so much, you are the best!  I told them you were."
-MSC, Danvers
"So nice to have time with you today!  You are excellent at your craft and I am so glad I decided to work with you.  We are still mulling over the tables.  Let's connect tomorrow."  -AL, Andover
"You are a rock star Lisa!  Thank you!!!  These are SO cool.  And I love this website.  Thank you so much for letting me know!  I was so glad you gave my name [to a prospect]!  We had such a lovely conversation.  Please don't hesitate to give my name out to other potential clients.  I love speaking with people about our fab experience with you!  I'll be sure to check back as we make more progress with the rooms.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!" -JM, Westford
"I 100% agree!  I work the SAME way this is why I LOVE you!  Your VERY detailed and VERY precise which is exactly what I need :)..." -MA, Tewksbury
"Oh also I have your latest notes here with me [on Cape Cod].  And yes I travel with your notes!!!!  It's like a license, debit card, Lisa's notes! :)." -MA, Tewksbury
"Thank you.  It looks great.  See you on the next job!"       -MP, Owner 345 Boylston Street, Boston
"Hi Lisa, I will definitely be reaching out to you to pull you in again.  I enjoy working with you...Can't wait to get you working on the master bedroom and bath.  I'll keep you posted!" -RS, North Andover
"Hi Lisa, Just went over everything with [my husband] & he loves the plans.  Best Regards." -JM, Newburyport
"Hi Lisa, hope you are having a blast in New Orleans.  Furniture is in..looks awesome!!!  Got that light fixture from Jonathan adler, love it." -MSC, Danvers
"Hi Lisa, Thank you so much!  You went above and beyond what we were hoping for!  Clearly you are wonderful at your job.  Hope you are nice and cozy at home during this blizzard." -KM, Tewksbury Office Manager
"Yes we're pleased, they're so beautiful and original.  Thanks for all your help.  I loooooove them!!!! [18 custom window treatment panels installed]." -MA, Lexington
"Hi Lisa, We love how the reupholstered pieces came out.  Thanks." -MA, Lexington
"Hi Lisa Lights are in - they look great.  The stools are in the room already, they look great as does everything.  My husband is actually talking about how much he likes the roman shades and how cozy the room feels already...Also wanted to check on the status of the design of the front room as we are anxious...I will speak to you soon!  take care." -KB, Medford
"Hi Lisa, Everything looks so fantastic.  I couldn't be more pleased!" -CD, Lynnfield
"Hi Lisa, the comments about the reception room have all been outstanding!"  -DB, Beverly Office Manager
"Lisa, I haven't been there in a bit but [my husband] says everything looks gorgeous." -NG, Beverly
"The room is fantastic!" -CD, Lynnfield
"Lisa, I went by the building yesterday afternoon and I echo the sentiments of the different tenants - the artwork looks great.  Thanks again for a great job." -BB, Wakefield President of Property Management & Consulting Firm
"Dear Lisa - We're very happy with the design of the bathroom and are enjoying it daily!  If we decide to do some decorating projects this year, we will call again.  Happy New Year!" -MM & BM, Beverly
"We just arrived home last night from a great week in Italy and I wanted to let you know that the office looks fantastic!  I love what you did with the books, pictures and some of the extras.  I like the dining room table too.  What a great surprise to come home to.  Best." -CD, Lynnfield
"Thanks Lisa.  Everything looks great.  Nice job!" -MP, Natick Building Owner
"Lisa - The house looks great.  Fantastic job Lisa.  Many thanks." -MO, Beverly
"Lisa - Thanks for the help!  Everything looks great.  The Kitchen light is such a great idea and our bedroom looks so much bigger and brighter.  Thanks again!" -MO, Beverly
"I trust you!! :)" -JD, Haverhill
"So glad that [our neighbor] called, I think you will be getting another call from a neighbor...she LOVED the decorating when she saw it during the party, which was a blast of course!  Hope you had a great time on vacation.  It was FREEZING here, so I was jealous of you all week.  Give me a couple of times/dates when we can get together for our shopping trip, okey dokey?  Thanks, and talk to you soon." -LC, Reading
"Wow that will be great.  Nice ideas.  It is always nice to get another opinion." -CW, Wilmington
"Thanks I appreciate all your help.  You have been my angel." -JD, Haverhill
"I LOVE THE COLORS YOU PICKED!!!  Thank you!  Have fun in DC." -LC, Reading
"Thank you...I appreciate your time.  You do really beautiful work.  Thanks again." -AD, Peabody
"Hi Lisa, I will just say, I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE [your design plan]!  I am very happy with it!  It is just what I wanted.  I do understand you did go above and beyond.  Thank you.  Giving different ideas for the same space is soooo great.  It shows me (the uneducated eye) all the possibilities that I would have never thought of.  Then it allows me to make my own decisions and find things that I like.  I work well like this.  It is kind of like that show "What Not To Wear" where they give you rules for your body type, age etc...I have read over the plan quite a few times already.  I have to tell you that I have already moved the dining room table and moved the mirror and bought lamps.  I am a little crazy I know.  Again, thank you so much I can't tell you how happy I am.  I did send your name to one of my friends who would appreciate it.  Thanks again."             -AD, Peabody
"WOW!  Lisa...thank you for making essentially a gourmet meal from scraps in the fridge.  When I walked upstairs I stood there laughing and smiling to myself at how much more beautiful the bedroom looked with your magic touch.  You are gifted my dear that's for sure!  BIG LOVE!!!  Cheers."  -AL, Andover
"Hi Lisa, it was nice to meet you the other day.  We thought the consultation was great!  Tons of good ideas.  Thanks again for your help."  -PO, West Newton
"This is by far, the best Ranch House redo we have ever seen.  It's just beautiful." -North Shore Real Estate Brokers [after the Open House, 5 offers were received, some at & over asking price in tough Oct 2009 market]
"Hey Lisa, The shades look absolutely amazing!  Everything I could have asked for and more!  They completely change the look and feel of the apartment for the best.  Thanks." -EB, Boston
"Hi Lisa.  Here are some pics of the bed and sofa.  It's coming together very nicely.  The [Lisa Jensen Interior Design custom designed] bed is just stunning, I'm obsessed.  I'm very anxious to get the window treatments started!  Thanks!"
-SM, Andover
"So loving my new room!  :)  Thanks." -CDC, Wakefield
"Hi Lisa, I wanted to let you know I finally opened the package you sent me and thumbed through the pages.  It is exactly what I wanted!!  You picked out things I absolutely would have picked out myself!  You really understood my style - right on the nose.  And you found my lobster pot table.  Thank you! You've been very helpful!!  Hope you are having a great summer!"
-DC, Beverly

"Hi Lisa, First off, the building looks great and I've heard nothing but positive feedback from the tenants.  We appreciate all of your hard work to get this accomplished.  Also, I agree with your point on the second floor of the large wall - I think that space needs more than the one piece we have there now.  Best Regards,"
-CF, Plymouth

"Lisa, The feedback has been great from patients and the doctors.  People have been saying it is definitely warmer from what we had before and they feel like the lighting makes it less of a clinical environment and more inviting.  I will see you tomorrow.  Thanks."
-TK, Stoneham

"She is basically helping re-upholster furniture and picking paint colors.  It's not completed yet but so far she has been great.  She is very, very thorough and she loves what she does. I would definitely recommend her". 
[Angie's List Client Review; also Graded A
-SW, Needham
"Hi Lisa, Thanks for sending the invite.  Unfortunately, we were in NYC that weekend.  I hope that it went well.  I went to your website and the store looks GORGEOUS.  Congratulations.  I so hope that you are doing a bang up business.  We certainly miss you in Salem.  I love the pieces that I got at your store and it is so cool to have things here that are from "home."  I cannot wait until your website is finished.  Even if I cannot stop by your store whenever I am in MA, I will be able to shop online.  We do plan to visit your new space at some point when I am home for more than 40 hours.  Take care."                   -HH, New York City & Salem
"Hi Lisa, Thanks enormously for helping me!  I am more than halfway thru the book I mentioned "The Decoration of Houses" by Alexandra Stoddard.  It is very good reading which I am enjoying.  The above quote came from there.  I think you do a great job of helping people express themselves with their projects, I'm confident Elixir will continue to be a smashing success in Metrowest!" -AM, Sudbury

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