The First Blog Post

Hello everyone! 

I am thrilled to finally have made the time to start my interior design blog.  I have been so knee-deep in client projects for years on end that I am guilty of never having made the time to check out the entire blog world.  I know that sounds crazy.  My friend Beth is constantly referencing design blogs to me & I feel awkward to keep saying, "No, I haven't heard of (fill in the blank)." 

Have I been living under a rock?  Possibly. 

                               Photo:  Client Living Room Interior Design
Actually the truth is I've had anywhere from 6-14 design client projects going at any given time over the last few years and I am purposely making myself slow down just a bit.  It's easy to get so stressed about a client's fabric that has been delayed for 3 more months, or the dye lot sample that keeps coming in darker than the client wanted, or any number of design-related crisis'.  

It's time to take things a little slower and with that comes my taking a bit of time for myself to see what the design blog world is all about & get involved.

If you'd like to view some of the design projects I've been busy working on, please visit my official website at:

I hope you enjoy!