Bathroom Design - From New Orleans to Boston

Here is more design inspiration I garnered from my recent trip to New Orleans and will inform a future design project back in Massachusetts.

Bathroom Interior Design New Orleans inspired

I snapped this very quick photo walking down a street in New Orleans (my husband gets antsy if I stop to carefully photograph all of my inspirations - as really EVERYTHING is inspiration to me, so we'd be at a constant halt).  I'm surprised the photo even came out, but I'm happy now to have the record.

Now that I look at the photo I see how I would use this inspiration and translate it into a client's interior design project.  I would love to replicate this aesthetic in a client's bathroom.


Bathroom Design

would consist of:

1)  A stone or cement floor (heated of course)

2)  A Venetian plastered minty green wall treatment

3)  A soaking tub like this one below

66-inch Double Slipper Copper Pedestal Tub with Decorative Rings by Randolph Morris

Hope you enjoy!