Bathroom Design - From New Orleans to Boston

Here is more design inspiration I garnered from my recent trip to New Orleans and will inform a future design project back in Massachusetts.

Bathroom Interior Design New Orleans inspired

I snapped this very quick photo walking down a street in New Orleans (my husband gets antsy if I stop to carefully photograph all of my inspirations - as really EVERYTHING is inspiration to me, so we'd be at a constant halt).  I'm surprised the photo even came out, but I'm happy now to have the record.

Now that I look at the photo I see how I would use this inspiration and translate it into a client's interior design project.  I would love to replicate this aesthetic in a client's bathroom.


Bathroom Design

would consist of:

1)  A stone or cement floor (heated of course)

2)  A Venetian plastered minty green wall treatment

3)  A soaking tub like this one below

66-inch Double Slipper Copper Pedestal Tub with Decorative Rings by Randolph Morris

Hope you enjoy!


New Orleans Love!

I just returned from another great visit to one of my favorite cities - New Orleans!  As a designer I gain so much inspiration for my 'vault' to use in current & future design projects.


I love the great architecture, the live music everywhere, the garden courtyards, the mighty Mississippi, the free spirits of today (and the spirits of the past), the Cajun cooking, Michalopoulos, that distinct New Orleans accent and much more.

Here are some of my inspirations:

Brass trumpet light fixture for a Musician Client & blue globe pendant installation for a Client's Dining Room

Bottle ceiling installation for a Client's Bar - residential or commercial

Medallions for adorning a wood fireplace surround, a wood framed mirror, or a bookcase

I'd hire my talented artist cousin from Salem, MA Jill Pabich to paint this in a children's library or playroom

Quintessential New Orleans

 This is Soul Project.  Go hear them live if you're in NOLA!  

I'd repeat the magical quality of this beaded tree in a client's Outdoor Room

I loved meeting this artist Steve Martin!  He has great energy & enthusiasm...and art.  These frames are salvaged after Katrina and he has a great story behind his works.  
 Visit his gallery if you're in New Orleans.
 Colors for a Master Bedroom
 Kitchen inspiration

Great colors, details, materials & original use of beads 

 Kitchen Floor inspiration (I did something similar in a client's bathroom)

Interesting moment

Fun kids artwork
Was here in 1995 on a cross country's still there!
The End

Hope you enjoy!